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“SYS - a great experience to not only play great music but hear your peers play at such a high level. When we are all in sync, it is the best feeling to create wonderful and spectacular music.”—Trombone Player

“Salem Youth Symphony musicians give me inspiration every week because the motivation behind each note is the love of music. Nothing can be sweeter than such a gift!”—Larry Garrett, conductor

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“On my first day . . . I’m playing in this big orchestra and thinking, ‘Wow! Everyone here is really good.’ I feel like I’m part of something huge, something that surrounds me in music.”—Cellist

As a conductor, I relish the chance to provide young musicians with the opportunity to expand their musical perspective through the performance of great symphonic works.”—Jon Harris-Clippinger, conductor

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“We work hard when we practice together but we have a lot of fun and make new friends. I liked the tree swings at the retreat.”

“Each year brings new excitement as I watch Amadeus members who love to play and to perform in a group with outstanding players from many schools. We would love to have you join us and add to our rich string sound!”—Deborah Ward, conductor

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“I enjoy encouraging new string talent and seeing our students grow through the years as they move on to audition for Amadeus, Philharmonia, and Youth Symphony. If you are a student starting out on strings, please join us!”—Deborah Ward, conductor

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“Since 1954 Salem Youth Symphony has offered students with musical interest and ability the opportunity to create fine symphonic music representing cultures past and present. They come together from different communities and school settings, learn life-long skills and values, and create friendships and memories while making beautiful music together.”

—Keith Weathers, Musician, Retired Owner of Salem’s Weathers Music, Salem Junior Symphony Alumnus

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