Salem Youth Symphony



“On my first day . . . I’m playing in this big orchestra and thinking, ‘Wow! Everyone here is really good.’ I feel like I’m part of something huge, something that surrounds me in music.”

Philharmonia, the second tier of the auditioned orchestras, offers young musicians an opportunity to experience the beautiful, intense sound of the full symphony repertoire with a complete string section, winds, brass, and percussion. Skilled section coaches work with small groups during the initial rehearsals. To achieve a professional level of performance, students are required to commit to independent practice. Philharmonia opens up the world of great classical literature and develops ensemble performance. Young musicians interested in sharing the joy of music with like-minded peers are invited to audition.

“As a conductor, I relish the chance to provide young musicians with the opportunity to expand their musical perspective through the performance of great symphonic works. I still remember the first moment I was a part of a symphonic sound, an experience that inspired me to dedicate my life to opening that door for young people and their families.”
Jon Harris-Clippinger, conductor


Mondays 6:00 to 8:00 from September through April, at North Salem High School (map).

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